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Key figures

Student nationalities represented at EIM
Staff members of 14 different nationalities
Teacher-student ratio
Students on bilingual programme
Enrolment growth rate in 1 year


Human rights - Amnesty International

Today(27/09/2019), our entire secondary school study body experienced their first 'service as action' day for 2019-2020. The day started with volunteers from Amnesty International leading a discussion and interactive activities about human rights.

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DP1 & 2 to YPRES

Today (04/10/2019), we went to visit an organic farm in Ypres.

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DP students to the ULB library

Today (October 1st) the DP students went to visit the ULB (University of Brussels) library. They were introduced to the discovery tool Cible+ and Google Scholar.

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1970 January 01

School trip - voyage scolaire 2020: Genève - CERN + UNO + Glacier3000

L’Ecole Internationale Montgomery organise pour les élèves du cycle « middle year programme» un voyage scolaire extraordinaire orienté vers la découverte des sciences, les grandes institutions, l’industrie et la nature. Nous limiterons le nombre de participants à 45 qui seront accompagnés par 4 professeurs de l’école. Sur place l’équipe qui encadrera les élèves s’exprimeront essentiellement en anglais. les élèves du DP pourront participer uniquement si certaines places sont disponibles.