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Un mot de la Direction

Danielle Franzen Daoudy, Secondary Principal

Dear families, dear members of our Learning Community,

Brussels is a great place to be, and EIM is proud to offer an educational choice of high quality plus dedicated care for the student in the heart of the European capital.

We cover all stages of elementary, middle and high school and we do so with a fundamental pillar to assure the maximum potential of each child:  A limited amount of students per class, with an average of 10 students per class.

In our view, this is absolutely necessary to guarantee the progress that you expect when choosing an independent school for your child.

Furthermore, EIM offers an adapted blend of courses in English and/or French. Therefore, all students may choose to benefit from the life opportunity of a bilingual curriculum, but with sufficient flexibility while learning both languages, depending on their level and interests.

Miguel Toledano, Primary Principal

In order to implement this mission, we have chosen the best international programme existing in Europe, the International Baccalaureate (IB), which is becoming a landmark for the most renowned schools thanks to its prestige and automatic recognition worldwide. Amongst all the  English-speaking alternatives, we believe that the IB programmes develop pivotal skills that will benefit students throughout their university and professional careers. Moreover, the IB has the highest rate of access to the best universities in the world thanks to its high academic level.

EIM offers a line-up of subjects adapted to today’s rapidly changing world, with a pedagogical approach focused on research, teamwork and the development of self-confidence.

Our experienced teachers deserve indeed a notorious mention:  Formal qualification and subject specialization are naturally requirements when building our team but, more importantly, a collaborative approach to learning with students and an availability after school hours determine the qualitative advantage that EIM entails.

David Gerone, Head of School

This attention and support to our student is feasible with a similarly close and direct relationship with parents.  As students have their own council to represent their legitimate aspirations and to encourage them to take responsibility over the day-to-day school issues, so is our Parent Council, a body to channel their support and to reinforce the mutual trust with which we have been honoured.

Students, staff, parents - all three of us share a sense of community and values where respect in an international environment is our motto and our treasure.  We promote the welfare of our learners so that they will be able to expand that same welfare to others; we defend the personal integrity of your child so that our contribution from Brussels may be recognised by each of our former students through his/her journey in life.

We hope to have been able to present you our passion for our students, the core of our mission.