Message from Director David Gerone - Ecole montgomery

Message from Director David Gerone

Welcome to EIM! My work for fifteen years has been to collaborate with colleagues to deliver an education that enables students to succeed in all areas, so they develop their interests and can pursue them to the highest level - at university and beyond.

We are a modest-sized school that prides itself on attention to and support for our students. I work closely with teaching staff and coordinators on all areas of student learning, welfare and development.
I am always available to students: my attitude is that I, and my colleagues, are here to help them succeed. In a sense, my office is also the EIM student office!

I believe that regular contact with parents allows me to know and understand the parent community on a daily basis. They are an important pillar of support for EIM and we value parent input.

EIM is a relatively new school and we are growing in many ways - in our international, experienced staff, in resources, in experience and in student numbers. Since 2015, EIM has been accredited for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP). In 2018, 4 of our 5 students graduated with the IB Diploma. This is a good start and we are learning from and working on improving this every year.

In addition to this, EIM is a candidate for the IB Middle Years Program, which we have been teaching for several years now, and for the PYP Primary Program. We are setting up everything for accreditation within the next few years.

Planning such growth and managing the stability of the EIM while maintaining fundamental values is a challenge but it brings us all forward in the best ways possible - this is how we can keep advancing in today’s rapidly changing world, and prepare our children and young adults for the challenges of the future. This is the reason why we are moving forward with IB courses: the system actively integrates a strengthening of independent study and curiosity about our world; a sense of shared community and awareness of the lives of others. The development of this sense of personal integrity will sustain your child through their personal and professional lives, wherever in the world they find themselves.

Something I, and our school, is very proud of is our vibrant theatre culture at EIM - with thanks to the hard work of our Theatre Studies teacher Caroline Chisogne and our students, they perform plays or shows twice a year at prestigious theatres in Brussels - they are very popular!

As I often say when parents come to enrol their child, parents, the student and school actively work together. These 3 pillars support each other in our journey to achieve the best result.

Always and infinitely passionate about my profession, I welcome all those who wish to join us. I look forward to getting to know you and collaborating in your child's success.

David Gerone, Director