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Mission and values

At EIM our mission is to offer academic rigour and students personal development, through the structure of the IB system.

In addition to teaching sciences, languages, humanities and respecting multicultural values, we strive to develop all the qualities of the Learner Profile defined by the IB, to become: Inquirers; Knowledgeable; Thinkers; Communicators; Principled;....

These are specific intellectual, cognitive and psychological/personal traits identified by the IB organisation and universities as traits that enable students to succeed to the highest levels of learning and academic success, at university and beyond. These aspects are therefore woven into the fabric of EIM’s IB courses to enable greater success for our students.

Community and mutual support are important at EIM. As a modest-sized school, students are able to take care of younger students to help them in their after school care. This care and awareness of others is one of the key 10 values of the IB learner profile. At EIM, we also have fundraising activities and offer long term support to a children’s home in Moldova. The IB CAS (Community Action Service) strand of the curriculum is also implemented in secondary school. These inter-age activities strengthen bonds between young people and others of different ages, generations or income levels and teaches students to put themselves at the service of others.

More information about the IB Learner Profile is here: