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Our Teachers

Our teachers

Urtè - French L.A. Teacher


Urté teaches MYP and DP (grades 6 to 12) French Ab Initio and Language Acquisition courses. These are intended for students who are beginners or with an intermediate level. Urté’s active pedagogy allows students to learn French quickly and effectively.


Chris - Math and Physics teacher

Chris teaches math, physics and IT to MYP and DP students (grades 6-12). At the DP level (grades 11 and 12), he teaches 'Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches' at the higher level, corresponding to 4 hours per week for students who wish to pursue scientific studies at university.



Marie - French Teacher

Marie teaches the French Language and Literature courses to MYP and DP students (grades 6 to 12). This course is intended for native French speakers but also for students who wish to improve their French proficiency and integrate the bilingual programme with the aim of obtaining the advanced bilingual diploma at the end of high school.



Luciana - Art Teacher

Luciana is our drama teacher for the PYP, MYP and DP students. In addition to the theatre courses included in the curriculum, a show is prepared by each of the sections. The students will have the pleasure of presenting their performance in a theater in the city of Brussels.


Kaelyn - Primary teacher


Kaelyn is an English language teacher in the Primary Years Programme (grades 2 and 3). 

She teaches English but also mathematics and plastic arts. She puts all her talent and creativity at the service of children, their learning and their personal and academic development.


Camille - French primary teacher


Camille is a French language teacher in the IB Primary Years Programme (grades 1, 2 and 3). Depending on the grade level, she teaches French, social studies and sciences. Using engaging activities, she guides students and helps them develop all the skills that will be necessary for them throughout their school career.