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Montgomery International School is a close-knit multicultural community that promotes academic and personal growth of students in a nurturing environment. 

Critical thinking, commitment, and initiative are the pillars of our education. We are committed to forming young people to be responsible, respectful of others, and problem solving individuals. We want them to excel academically while developing a deeper understanding of themselves and the world. 

Additionally, social emotional values, often overlooked in more traditional schools, are at the core of our teaching. We strongly encourage mutual support, kindness, generosity, altruism with the implementation of multiple inter-age activities, service-as action days, and various projects revolving around community services. 

We believe the IB programme reflects our mission and values.  It upholds strong academics and offers a global understanding of the world. It is also backed by participative and supportive methods of teaching. At Montgomery International School, it is implemented from primary years all the way to the IB diploma. 

The IB philosopHY

Why Montgomery International School?

With 150 students, we pride ourselves in being an inclusive school where every child fits in. We promote mutual support between children of different age groups and different academic levels. Our teachers form a cohesive team and align their pedagogy to challenge students while maintaining constant support and care. Beyond academics, our number one goal is  to build our students' confidence and self-advocacy.

We organise an overnight school trip for our Primary students (starting in PYP3), and a week-long trip abroad for our MYP students. Early in the fall, our DP students also have the opportunity to go away for a few days. In line with our mission, these trips aim to immerse our students in another environment,  to strengthen connections and to create lifelong memories.

What I enjoy most about EIM is the fact that classes are small, allowing for close follow-up from teachers, as well as being able to have strong ties with most of the students from the class and the school community.

Diploma (DP) student

Hear it from our Head of School...

PYP girls drawing with chalk during recess

Why EIM?

  • Fully accredited IB programme from age 5 to 18
  • Anglophone or Advanced Bilingual programme
  • Small class sizes
  • Individualised teaching methods
  • Dynamic pedagogical team
  • Nurturing environment
  • Above average DP results