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Admissions step by step

  1. Contact form
    Please complete the admissions form below if you are interested in learning more about our programmes and visiting our facilities.
  2. Interview set-up
    The leadership team will contact you to set up a meeting face-to-face or via video call depending on your preference.
  3. Interview
    The interview is an opportunity for the family to learn more about the school, its programmes, philosophy and infrastructure, and for the school to learn about the child(ren)'s academic profile and personality.
  4. Enrollment
    In order to enrol the child in the school, admissions documents will be completed and signed by the family.
  5. Placement tests
    In the secondary section, placement tests may be set up for languages and mathematics.
  6. Welcoming the family
    The child will be welcomed by a buddy and the parents by the parents association.

EIM Initial Application Form


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