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EIM is currently offering a scholarship to students who would like to follow the IB programme at our school. If you are interested kindly contact us by sending an email to Head of School Nasserine Dawas van de Mortel : n.dawas@ecole-montgomery.be.

Tél: +32 (0) 2 733 63 23
Mail: info@ecole-montgomery.be


Choice of courses

Students have the opportunity to choose a French, English or bilingual programme based on their academic background. They must choose six courses, one from each subject group.

Among these subjects students can also choose the level of difficulty. They must choose:

  • 3 courses at higher level (HL): 240 hours over two years
  • 3 courses at standard level (SL): 150 hours over two years

Group 1 : Language and literature

  • Language A French: language and literature - SL/HL
  • Language A English: language and literature- SL/HL
Group 2 : Acquisition of languages

  • Language B: English SL/HL
  • Language B : French SL/HL
Group 3 : Individuals and societies

  • History- in french - SL/HL
Group 4 : Science

  • Biology- in English - SL/HL
  • Chemistry - in English or French - SL/HL
Group 5 : Mathematics

  • Mathematics - in English or French - SL/HL
  • Mathematical studies- in English or French - SL

Group 6: Arts
  • Theatre- in French - SL/HL
 Common core
  • Theory of Knowledge
  • Extended Essay
  • Creativity Activity Service: C.A.S.

More informations on the curriculum: click here

New Theatre option (Arts : group 6) available at E.I.M.
Year 7 to 9: 2h/week (for all students)
Years 10 and 12: 3h/week (option)

Show at the "Petit théâtre Mercelis" in March 2017

Do you want to:

  • Be involved in theatre as a creator, designer, director and performer?
  • Discover all aspects of theatre: context, processes and presentation?
  • Build your confidence and creativity and work collaboratively to plan and manage projects?

Then choose the Theatre option!

Theoretical and practical lessons, workshops, plays, visits, meetings with experts, and presentations.


Spectacle organisé au "Théâtre Mercelis" à Ixelles

Click here for the video


Close to the Montgomery roundabout, in front of the ICHEC

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1200 Bruxelles
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