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Grades 6 to 10

Our secondary section welcomes pupils from Grade 6 to Grade 12 in order to obtain the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

In Grade 7 we accept Belgian students who have obtained the CEB or those from international schools. In the latter case, the CEB is not necessary.

Starting from Grade 6, students are taught in immersion, with 50% of all lessons given in English: Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). In addition, the programme includes 5 hours of English lessons per week where the students are divided by level: beginners - intermediate - bilingual.

Many extracurricular activities are organised: theatre trips, a weekend at the seaside, school trips ...
This year (2017/2018), the students spent a 9 days in Sicily. For photos, click here
Sports sessions takes place at the prestigious Club de l'Orée, 5 minutes away by coach. Two hours per week are dedicated to Tennis and Hockey.

Registrations for the 2018/209 school year are open. We only accept 28 children per school year, ie 14 children per class.


Close to the Montgomery roundabout, in front of the ICHEC

Rue du Duc 133
1200 Bruxelles
Montgomery stop
+32 (0)478 90 72 37
Ecole Internationale Montgomery