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EIM is currently offering a scholarship to students who would like to follow the IB programme at our school. If you are interested kindly contact us by sending an email to Head of School Nasserine Dawas van de Mortel : n.dawas@ecole-montgomery.be.

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CAS is a unique opportunity for students to participate in three major projects led by the reference teacher:

Creativity: arts, and other activities involving creative thinking.

  •  Exhibition, show, video

Action: physical activities to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and completing school work done in other disciplines of the Diploma Programme

  • Sports tournaments with other IB schools or championships
  • 20 km around Brussels to raise funds
  • Music lessons

Service: voluntary and unpaid focusing on the exchange. This will also provide the students with educational benefits and advantages.

  • Activities in homes for the elderly, educational support for hospitalised children, helping out in after school homework programmes for disadvantaged students.

Students must give approximately 2 hours per week to the CAS.

The goals of this programme are numerous:

  • To promote leadership skills
  • To be able to take decisions
  • To develop thinking and reflective skills
  • To be able to accept new challenges
  • To be able to provide advice and take action when necessary
  • To belong to a community and participate in group projects
  • To invest in local or national projects and adopt a global vision, "Think globally, act locally"

Examples of CAS projects during the scholastic year 2015/2016

  • Collecting nappies for refugees
  • Humanitarian trip to Moldova - an organisation that takes care of disadvantaged children

Fundraising activities for the school trip:

  • Crepe sales at schools
  • Selling sandwiches at school
  • Oxfam lunch at school

This is an appreciation of the investment made during the year.
The learner will be monitored by the CAS supervisor to review the progress and progress of the activities.
Each student will regularly provide a write-up specifying and reviewing the objectives and the activities chosen to be carried out.

The hours spent on each project will be recorded and an account of each day devoted to the CAS will be provided.

Download the "Presentation of the CAS project"

Presentation of the CAS

Our DP1 IB students (year 11) collected material to send to the children in Moldova. Click on the link below:


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