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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the examinations for the pupils who are following the international programme?

All the exams will take place at the school.

Which body prepares the examination questions?

For the first five years the examination questions are prepared by the school’s teachers.
For the Baccalaureat examination, it works as follows:
+/- 30% is based on internal examinations
+/-70% is based on questions set by the IB. These questions are of the same level for all parties taking the IB qualification on a worldwide basis.

My child has certain difficulties relating to concentration. Will he be allowed more time for his examinations?

Yes the IB treats pupils with limitations in that area with respect. The school is therefore allowed to grant more time for those with difficulties regarding concentration. We can also isolate the student during examinations if necessary.

Who will be responsible for enrolling my child for university?

If your child decides to enroll for an English or American university, we can prepare the necessary documents. The IB can send the results directly to the chosen universities.

May the pupils go out during the lunchbreak?

Only the pupils in the last two years may go out. The others must bring packed lunches.

What are the disciplinary measures taken by your school?

Disciplinary problems are not tolerated in the school and will meet with immediate dismissal. Pupils are not allowed to smoke on or near the school premises. If a pupil tests positive for drug abuse, he/she will also be dismissed.

Can my child join in the middle of the school year?

Yes the teaching programme will be adapted according to the pupil’s academic level.

My child doesn’t speak English well. How can my child take a course in English?

Extra support will be provided for English in small groups during study hours so that the pupil’s English will gradually improve to a manageable level.