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EIM is currently offering a scholarship to students who would like to follow the IB programme at our school. If you are interested kindly contact us by sending an email to David GERONE : david.gerone@ecole-montgomery.be.

Tél: +32 (0) 2 733 63 23
Mail: info@ecole-montgomery.be



An international school in the center of Europe

The Montgomery International School (EIM) is a private school in a former early 20th century town house, located near Montgomery Square in Brussels. We accept children from the age of 5 years.

An international program recognized by The International Baccalaureate (IBO) is taught from the 1st to the 6th secondary (years 7-12). Primary school children also receive a bilingual education.
The mission of the school is singular: giving quality education, thanks to the competence of its teachers and the relationships established with students. Indeed, the number of students per class is limited to 14; each student can be properly supervised and followed by the teachers.

The international character of the school is not only present in its courses and openness to universities in the world but also within students: students who have lived abroad, multicultural families but also many Brussels natives who wish to combine international openness, educational quality and relevance of the educational experience.
The majority of these students have already traveled extensively and are bilingual or even trilingual. It is therefore important to provide education to enable them to maintain and advance their knowledge.

Ecole Internationale Montgomery offers a bilingual education: French / English.

Brussels, an important destination

Belgian and European capital, vibrant city, multilingual center of economic, cultural and international policy, housing the institutions of the European Union and the headquarters of the Permanent Council of NATO, Brussels is a must!

Many people appreciate our capital for its openness to the world, its cosmopolitan character and its cultural and artistic treasures in the fields of music, dance, literature, visual arts and fashion.