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EIM is currently offering a scholarship to students who would like to follow the IB programme at our school. If you are interested kindly contact us by sending an email to David GERONE : david.gerone@ecole-montgomery.be.

Tél: +32 (0) 2 733 63 23
Mail: info@ecole-montgomery.be


Conditions for Success

Examination results are between 1 and 7 for each course (6 lessons x 7 points = 42 points)

  • Up to 3 points for TOK & Extended Essay
  • IB success rate: 80% at each session
  • 1% of students gets 45/45
  • Maximum 3 possible sessions.
  • If the student has a lower final result than 24/45, he does not get his diploma

Conditions for Receiving an IB Diploma

The IB Diploma will be awarded to a candidate provided all the following requirements have been met.

  1. CAS requirements have been met.
  2. The candidate’s total points are 24 or more.
  3. There is no “N” awarded for theory of knowledge, the extended essay or for a contributing subject.
  4. There is no grade E awarded for theory of knowledge and/or the extended essay.
  5. There is no grade 1 awarded in a subject/level.
  6. There are no more than two grade 2s awarded (HL or SL).
  7. There are no more than three grade 3s or below awarded (HL or SL).
  8. The candidate has gained 12 points or more on HL subjects (for candidates who register for four HL subjects, the three highest grades count).
  9. The candidate has gained 9 points or more on SL subjects (candidates who register for two SL subjects must gain at least 5 points at SL). 
  10. The candidate has not received a penalty for academic misconduct from the Final Award Committee.

A maximum of three examination sessions is allowed in which to satisfy the requirements for the
award of the IB Diploma. The examination sessions need not be consecutive


Close to the Montgomery roundabout, in front of the ICHEC

Rue du Duc 133
1200 Bruxelles
Montgomery stop
+32 (0)2 733 63 23
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Ecole Internationale Montgomery