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EIM is currently offering a scholarship to students who would like to follow the IB programme at our school. If you are interested kindly contact us by sending an email to Head of School Nasserine Dawas van de Mortel : n.dawas@ecole-montgomery.be.

Tél: +32 (0) 2 733 63 23
Mail: info@ecole-montgomery.be



Pedagogical Objectives and Educational Values

The International School Montgomery aims above all to offer students quality bilingual education in a productive learner-friendly social environment.
In order to achieve these aims the school can rely on teachers of a high quality who base their pedagogical programme on the following principles:

A solid “classical” method of teaching which is none the less proactive and stimulating: it is important that the pupils receive a solid foundation in their learning so they can develop their powers of reasoning, learn to structure a coherent argument, express themselves clearly and with accuracy on a given subject and acquire knowledge. This training is essential for their higher studies, which demand an open and receptive mind capable of rigorous analysis.

A bilingual programme: the international character of our educational programme demands a perfect knowledge of languages. Lessons are therefore given in both English and French by native speakers.

An approach which caters to the individual needs of the pupil: the staff monitor and respond to the abilities of each individual pupil, watch over his/her personal rate of development and familial and social environment in order to ensure optimum growth and performance within the school.

Pedagogical differenciation within the classroom based on ability in an atmosphere of respect for the learner and his/her autonomy: the pupil must remain at the heart of his/her learning, the principal actor in his own development.

Access to culture in the world outside through numerous educational outings and visits: trips to the theatre, exhibitions, sport…

We wish our pupils to acquire learning but also to be able to think analytically, take action and make choices on an autonomous basis. The international programme aims at an all round excellence and that means also a focus on personal values such as integrity, respect, curiosity, tolerance, creativity, enthusiasm, friendship and courage.