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Primary Theatre Show


The school "primary" section has once more accepted a challenge for their drama class! 

And this after two years of fruitful collaboration with their " secondary" peers on a common play for both.

Now, please be informed that we shall present you a magical show for just the primary section in the city theatre Mercelis!

Indeed we have chosen to increase our repertoire with a play that has had a wide degree of acclaim elsewhere! Our students will venture in the universe of J.K. Rowling thanks to the same script used by various companies in London, New York and San Francisco : "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child". 

This is the eight volume in the saga, now written as a theatre play, with Harry Potter aged 39  and his friends Ron and Hermione, plus their own children... A new generation at Poudlard having EIM students perform such roles with all of their imagination, know-how, creativity and passion, in order to make this text alive, so that you can benefit from this amazing universe! 

Younger and older primary students, in English as well as French, are using their magic wands to rehearse, exercise their skills, and their imagination, learning by accepting mistakes and correcting them...  On Saturday, June 1 we look forward to seeing you all enjoy our apprentice sorcerers!