Agenda - Ecole montgomery


2019 January 31

Presentation about the DP cycle

Presentation of the IB Diploma Programme
Grades 11 & 12

2019 February 12

Presentation about the PYP cycle

2019 February 13

Open House Day

2019 February 22

Language Acquisition Workshop on the new Language B guide

Learn all about the changes to the new Language B guide during our 2-day workshop on Language Acquisition, presented by Brad Philpot, praised author of the Cambridge University Press coursebook English B for the IB Diploma.

2019 March 13

Open House Day

2019 March 18

School trip in Krakow

2019 March 30


adapted from the novel of  George Orwell

2019 April 15

Open House Day

2019 April 23

School trip to Paris

Primary classes: 4 days - Paris - France