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UK university admissions tests

UK university admissions tests at Ecole Internationale Montgomery

The school is delighted to announce that it has been approved as a Cambridge Admissions Testing centre, currently the only public centre open to both internal and external candidates in Belgium.

On the 2nd November at 10am, our first cohort of students will take exams for entry to courses at universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and UK Medical Schools.

21 different Cambridge Assessment tests are on offer, the most popular including the BMAT (for Medicine and Biomedical Science), the TSA (“Thinking Skills Assessment”), the MAT (for Mathematics) and the PAT (for Physics).

A fee is charged by the school for administration and supervision at €125 per candidate.
The BMAT carries an additional fee of €64 (€109 if registered after 1st October).

Registration for all tests must be completed by 15th October.