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Return to school for primary

On the evening of May 27, the Belgian government announced a 180° change of strategy. 

All pre-primary and primary students could now be allowed back to school during the three last weeks of the year. 

The following day, EIM management decided once more to take action immediately.  “We launched a consultation with all of our families,” says the Primary School Principal Miguel Toledano, “and by the weekend we were ready with a blend of presential courses plus our ongoing e-teaching.  We wanted to respect both the right of those wishing to come back to school as well as those preferring to stay at home and follow the programme online.  We understand that in an international community there are different views, and technology nowadays can provide for both simultaneously.  Our teaching staff was of course key once more in developing what our Parent Council was looking for.”

The new regulatory framework is still quite restrictive:  no students should contact students from other classes during recess, lunch should take place in the classrooms and not in the canteens, outdoor classes are promoted.  But EIM has made sure that all sanitary measures are in place and taught to their students in a principled, balanced and caring way, as the IB philosophy recommends.