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Flavio & Yléa

Yléa is 14.  She started two years ago at EIM, coming from Monza International School in Italy.  She started practicing gymnastics when she was 4.  She soon showed a keen interest for this sport and demonstrated a motivation to flourish by achieving good results.  In 2016 and 2017, she became Italy’s champion.  In 2018, Yléa she came 2nd in the championships of Brabant and this year she got the 1st place.  Only some days ago, during this 2019 Carnival break, she participated for the first time in an international championship held in Riga where she was ranked 18th.  Congratulations to her!

What about her long term objectives?  Her dream is to qualify for the 2004 Olympics.

And how does she want to accomplish that dream?  For Yléa the secret is to train intensively, that is, 3 and a half hours every day.  How does she manage to study and train at the same time?  Being perfectly tri-lingual, she studies in the evening and over the weekend, which she recognizes not to be always easy at her age.

On the other hand, Flavio also started playing tennis at 5. He quickly went on to participate in tournaments and competitions.  He has always ranked in the top 3 of Brabant, having achieved the 1st place in the under 11 category.  Therefore, Flavio is now considering international championships, as well.  He is ranked 4.1 in Italy but would like to climb up to 3.4 in the next 6 months.  He has participated in a grand slam - Lemon Bowl - during Christmas in Rome in the under 14 category, where he managed to get to the finals.  In April he is traveling to Catania in order to participate in the interclub tournaments.

And what about his long term goals?  Flavio also has a dream of developing a professional sports career.  Currently he does 14 hours of training per week, which means he too has to manage studies, sports and social life together.   But he is getting there thanks to his passion!

We wish both of them to continue combining sport and studies with the same commitment.