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EIM and international schools @ Catania (Italy)

This week has been very fruitful in terms of meeting other international schools in Catania (Italy): "Giga International House" and "Scuola Svizzera Catania".

Several projects are planned with these schools. With regards to the former, we would like to offer our students the possibility of studying English with an intensive course, plus sports and cultural activities during the month of July.

On Friday 12 April, I have had the honnour of meeting Mrs. Loretta Brodbeck, Principal of the school “Scuola Svizzera Catania”. This is a charming school located in the city centre with approximately 100 pupils, aged 5 to 12, offering a mixed Swiss-Italian programme.
The concept is the same as EIM: a maximum of 15 students per class; this is a key factor in order to offer quality education for our youngsters.

Programmes are implemented in different languages (immersion): Italian, English, German and French.

Project 2020: one week exchange with pupils in grades 5 & 6.

Our pupils would spend one week speaking only English, living with local families in order to discover a traditional Swiss-Italian atmosphere.

Hopefully we shall be able to launch this exciting project!