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Distance teaching and learning plan during school lockdown

Last week, EIM took the decision to close the school, in view of the COVID19 crisis. This decision was taken before the Belgian government decreed it, out of prudence and responsibility with both school families and the city of Brussels, even if we had had no cases of infection in our community. This allowed us at the same time to get ready for e-teaching and e-learning. During last week, we implemented software tools to provide for multiple video-conference with all students, plus online classrooms where teachers can show presentations to the class and correct tasks in real time. This required the training of both teachers and students, but we dedicated Tuesday and Wednesday to make sure everybody was on board. After our first lessons with all students at home, this is being a very successful experience. We have three more weeks of collaborative work ahead, where from day one students and teachers at EIM are benefitting from a very efficient platform. This will enable us to achieve the whole international programme for the year with no sacrifice or stress for anyone, in a balanced and modern way, making of the present context an opportunity for our students and families.