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Student nationalities represented at EIM
Staff members of 14 different nationalities
Teacher-student ratio
Students on bilingual programme
Enrolment growth rate in 1 year


Royal Museum for Central Africa

The DP1 students visited the Royal Museum for Central Africa. All students took part in a hands on workshop in the morning where they learnt about colonialism, media representations of different people and African history.

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Christmas in the world concert - December 13th 2019

Christmas is one of our most cherished traditions. Year after year, our families gather in a festive environment that brings us all together.

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Belvue Museum - primary students

Our primary pupils go on their second visit of the school year.  After a nature outing in September, they now turn to history at the Belvue Museum, next to the Royal Palace in Brussels. 

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Secondary Show 2020

This year, we will present 3 shows on Sunday 2 February 2020 at the Mercelis Theatre, in Ixelles. These shows will be the result of the students' work since September!

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2020-03-09 > 2020-03-13

School trip 2020: Genève - CERN + UNO + Glacier3000

L’Ecole Internationale Montgomery organise pour les élèves du cycle « middle year programme» un voyage scolaire extraordinaire orienté vers la découverte des sciences, les grandes institutions, l’industrie et la nature. Nous limiterons le nombre de participants à 45 qui seront accompagnés par 4 professeurs de l’école. Sur place l’équipe qui encadrera les élèves s’exprimeront essentiellement en anglais. Les élèves du DP pourront participer uniquement si certaines places sont disponibles.

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