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"Christmas in the world" concert - December 13th 2019

Christmas is one of our most cherished traditions.  Year after year, our families gather in a festive environment that brings together students, parents, teachers and friends with a common spirit of joy and optimism for all our progress achieved in the previous months, but also for the new challenges that we have set ourselves from January to June.

This year, the « EIM Christmas in the World party » served to inaugurate the expanded school premises at 12 Avenue de Brocqueville.  Mrs. Vona led a team of parents, students and teachers that once more worked together to achieve the common goal of making of this evening a great success - and so it was.  All attendees admired the broad spaces that will soon serve to accommodate new classrooms and a multi-functional space for theatre, lectures, new extracurriculars, etc.

For the first time, too, the event was filmed so that it can be shared with our wider community of friends and supporters, and broadcasted to the five continents through new technologies.  We would particularly like to thank our family friends attending, because our values of openness and empathy are in the center of the EIM experience.

Students took care of the decoration, students took care of the music, students took care of the bar, …  students took care of cleaning up.  This is the main added value and treasure of our school.  We have a generation of students that believe in the school and are happy to row together at every moment, even right during their IB exam session as was the case, but all in order to demonstrate with action that EIM is a great place to be.

Well over eighty per cent of our families, plus our friends, attended this event again.  Our teachers joined our high school students singing « Go tell it on the mountain » and other carols in English.  Our primary students also sang twice, in five different languages, conducted by Ms. Diana Alvia.  Two professional piano players (Mr. Franzen and Ms. Gonzalez) provided a brilliant instrumental accompaniment.  Food and drinks from more than thirty countries were shared for free, as a sign that Christmas is fundamentally a time for sharing.  As the Secondary school Principal put it from the new stage, « We are so proud to have our learning community together once more ».


The year 2020 looks bright for EIM!