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Community Service

Solidarity action - Winter clothing harvest

Every year we organize a clothing collection for the children of the village Horodiste-Rezina in Moldova. EIM collaborates with the NGO "Vent d'Est" ( sends donations every year to support this village.

With the DP students, we also went there for a week. Students stayed with Moldovan families in order to immerse themselves totally in another culture and Moldovan family comforts. The week spent there was very intense: working in kitchen gardens and fields, activities in the schools, distributing gifts and clothing to villagers; distributing school materials to schools and meetings with the students of the village schools.


Student-student support and care

Some students at the EIM do not speak French or English or simply need help in some areas of schoolwork. Developing the EIM community is very important in order to create suport and friendships between students of different ages. Some students help one or two younger students every week after school.


Fundraising activities

Sending clothes to Moldova is quite expensive. The students also decided to cover the cost of transport from Brussels to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. A few fundraisers were carried out: selling pancakes every Thursday and organising non-uniformed days, where students could come to school wearing what they liked for a fee.

Night at School / Survival Kit

Estelle, a Grade 12 student, is in the last year for the International Baccalaureate Diploma. She organized a "Lock-In" night at EIM for her CAS project. In total, nearly 30 students participated in this project. There was a small charge for students to take part in the fun and the money raised will be used to purchase a survival kit for refugees.

The evening programme consisted of:

  • Discussions about global issues
    What can we change? As students, as individuals in society.
  • Candlelit ceremony
    A person starves to death every four seconds. Students blew out candles every four seconds in homage to the missing.
  • Creative packaging for survival bags
    Students will help by adding a personal touch to the bags. Which will make them attractive.
  • The disadvantageous game
    Losing the use of a sense or part of the body.