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At Montgomery International School, we value learning through real-life experiences. Frequent field trips as well as the yearly MYP school trip are key parts of this. 

In addition to frequent field trips within the city, Montgomery International School organises distinct overnight trips according to the grade level. We believe school trips allow our students to engage in hands-on activities and develop life skills emblematic of the IB programme, such as team work, communication, problem solving and cultural awareness. Additionally, they create life long memories and foster relationships between students and teachers. 

PYP - 2 days/1 night
 Last year we took the PYP 3-5 children to Liège. This year, we are planning to take them to Bouillon. 

MYP -  5 days/4 nights
In recent years we have taken the students to New York, Portugal, Sicily, Poland, Florence, Paris, Geneva,  and Rome. In the spring of 2023, we will take them to Valencia, Spain. Fun activities are already planned, such as golfing, kayaking, and visiting La Ciutat and Europe's largest museum,  Oceanogràfic València.

We regularly organise outings which we combine with cultural visits in Brussels and other entertainment activities. This year we also  took our DP students to Paris for 3 days in the fall. Among other things, they visited the Citée des sciences et de l’industrie, saw a ballet at the Opera Garnier, and did a pottery workshop at the Petit Palais.


One of the best times I had at EIM was during the school trip to Rome. It allowed me to learn new things about my friends and to connect with other students. "

MYP student