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2019 Show

In accordance with the MYP programme, we have expanded our field of expertise. We will now be dividing our activities between theatre and cinema. The perspective remains the same as before because we will continue to balance practice and theory: we will encourage group dynamics and self confidence through personal research, self-improvement, creativity and risk-taking. Bridges between the Arts and Design course will be created for the design of the set and its accessories. History teachers will be introducing the concepts related to the content of the play in historical contexts.

The first part of the year will be devoted to theatre as a performing art. Groups of MYP and DP students will be tackling theatrical repertoire through the work of Matéi Visniec, a renowned Romanian author of the international contemporary repertoire.

Who is Matéi Visniec?

This playwright lived in Romania under the communist regime of Ceausescu. He became a banned author in September 1987 and was granted political asylum in France. His plays, which have been performed in more than 30 countries, have been well received by the general public and critics alike. Since the fall of communism, Matéi Visniec has become the most performed living playwright in his country. He likes surrealists, Dadaists, fantastic narratives, the theatre of the absurd and the grotesque. Working on fundamental themes through the register of humour, we will introduce you to the world of Visniec which, for my greatest pleasure, likes to tackle the abyss - that is, the theatre "within" the theatre. Above all, after having discovered the concepts of "Big Bang" and the multiplicity of word meanings - polysemy - (and the use of the term "meaning"), students will immerse themselves in the subject of censorship and the search for freedoms inherent in theatrical art.

Summary of the play "Richard III will not take place"

Meyerhold, a Russian director of the early 20th century and the main character of the play, has received permission to stage Shakespeare’s "Richard III". Indeed, Shakespeare is not a censored author in this country where the "revolution is striving to create the new man". However, the commission that supervises the art at the service of the revolution finds that some theatrical signs are confusing, even dangerous. The actors are looking too much for the public's eyes; some accessories must be cleansed from an ideological point of view. It is therefore the artistic approach of the director that is being tackled, and the allusions that this approach could generate. (Source for the author:

It is therefore with the greatest pleasure that I invite you, on behalf of the EIM team, to join us on Saturday 19 January 2019 at the Théâtre Molière (in Ixelles) to see the 3rd show created by EIM and to attend the collaborative work of nearly forty EIM students.

As for the cinema part, we invite you to attend the screening of the students' work at the Mercelis Theatre (in Ixelles) on June 1, 2019.

Vidéo 2019


2018 Show: "SENS/ES"

@ Théâtre du Vaudeville - Galerie de la Reine, 1000 Bruxelles

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, EIM students performed on stage of the famous Vaudeville Theatre. The play brought together 67 students from elementary and secondary school. Starting this year with the term "Meaning" and drawing inspiration from the polysemy of this word, the students conducted research, proposed ideas and sometimes adapted classics such as an extract from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland". The texts were written in French and English on the basis of student proposals. Caroline Chisogne and Eve Gilmet, our two theatre teachers, wrote and directed them with skill and panache, as they had done last year.  Well done, Caroline, Eve and all our actors!

2017 Show: "Le Big-Bang"

@ Petit Théâtre Mercelis - Ixelles

“The Big Bang" inspired students to participate in varied scenes as well as choreographies and songs. Students were able to find some hidden, and dazzling talents, having the chance to share them with their peers and the audience.

We are happy to say that this year’s show was a complete success.

The audience was surprised, delighted and touched.