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Useful Information

Going to a new school can be a challenging process for families. We strive to put in place services that will ease their integration to a new environment. 

After school 

Homework club, garderie, supervised study and extra-curricular activities are different options that allows you to leave your child(ren) under our supervision after school hours as late as 6 pm.

Visit our After-School page for more details. 

School year 2022/23

PYP - from September 2nd to June 23rd
MYP - from September 1st to June 22nd
DP1 - from September 1st to June 23rd
DP2 - from September 1st to April 21st

Holidays 2022/23

Fall Break -  October 31st to November 4th
Winter Holidays - December 23rd to January 6th
February Break -  February 20th to 24th 
Spring Break  - April 3rd to14th 

Visit our Calendar page for our most up to date news and events. 

School year 2023/24

PYP - from September 4th to June xx
MYP - from September 1st to June xx
DP1 - from September 1st to June xx
DP2 - from September 1st to April 19th

Holidays 2023/24

Fall Break -  October 27th to November 3rd
Winter Holidays - December 21st to January 5th
February Break -  February 9th to 16th 
Spring Break  - March 25th to April 8th 

Pubic Holidays 2023/24

Armistice - November 10th
Labor day - May 1st
Ascension - May 9th -10th
Pentecôte - May 20th

pyp children laughing during drama class


Secondary school hours:
Every day
from 8:10 am to 3:30 pm

Primary school hours:
from 8:10 am to 3: 30 pm
 from 8:10 am to 12:05 pm